Thursday, 3 January 2013

Daily Foreign Exchange Market Update

Yesterday we saw the Pound gain against the Euro but fall in value against the US Dollar. The GBPEUR rate opened the day at 1.2290 and lost ground across the first half of the day, hitting a daily low of 1.2271 at midday; it then gained strength over the latter part of the day to close out at a daily high of 1.2318. The GBPUSD rate opened the day at a daily high of 1.6312 but then fell throughout the day before it closed out at a daily low of 1.6254. Yesterday Manufacturing PMI was released and came out at 51.4, higher than the predicted figure of 49.1 showing a level of expansion in the manufacturing sector. Today the only piece of information set to be released from the UK is the PMI results for the construction sector which is set to come out at 49.5, slightly lower than the previous figure of 49.3 but still below the 50 level.

Yesterday the Euro lost ground against the Pound and the US Dollar in the foreign exchange market with the EURUSD rate opening at 1.3273, hitting a daily high of 1.3291 just after the open and closing out the day at a daily low of 1.3195. German CPI for December was the only figure to come out of the Eurozone yesterday was the CPI figure which was slightly higher than expected, 2.1%. Today there will be no data from the Eurozone.

The US Dollar gained against both the Pound and the Euro in yesterday’s market session off the back of the news that the Congress agreed a deal to stop the large tax increases and spending cuts that were due to come into effect. Initial jobless claims will be released later today with the figure set to be 356K, higher than last weeks figure of 350K.

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